About Us

Greenwood Education was set up by a group of Environmental Studies teachers, with backgrounds in Environmental Science, Biology and Geography.

We believe that the environment is the most important subject - if we can't maintain planet Earth in a condition that supports life then little else matters!

To protect the planet, we need to understand how it works. Unfortunately, Earth did not come with an owner's manual, so we need to study it. This gives us the knowledge to understand how humans threaten the planet and how more sustainable lifestyles can be developed.

These issues make the subject relevant to anyone, interesting and enjoyable to teach with endless links to current events.

But, there are few existing teaching/learning resources to support teachers and students. This website was set up to solve that problem and make it easier for students and teachers to find the resources they need.

Because it is an online resource it can be continually updated and you know that you are accessing the latest version.

We hope this website will be used by A level students in a range of subjects, undergraduate students, teachers, lecturers and interested members of the public.