Sources of climate change data


The websites below have a lot of very useful and sometimes mind-boggling information about climate change.

Current atmospheric CO2 levels.


This website gives very useful information on all satellites in orbit, including current position and when it may fly over your position. The link below is to Cryosat2 that is used to monitor changes in polar ice.

Sea level rise maps and flooding predictions

This website allows to to see how any selected sea level rise upto 60m may affect each area of the world.

Argo floats

Argo floats drift with ocean currents at depths down to 2000m. They return to the surface every 10 days to transmit information about their position and the salinity and temperature of the water at their dive depth.

The link below takes you to a Google Earth page that shows the position of all Argo floats.

Download Google Earth if you haven't done so before.

Click on the link on the Argo website  (

You may have to zoom in a bit to see the Argo floats. 

Global maps

This website gives current data on ocean currents, wind patterns and atmospheric composition.

Click on 'Earth' to select the paramater to show on the map, data source, map projection etc.