Conservation of Biodiversity Links

Origins of life on Earth

Miller Urey Expirement Origin of Life

Conservation of biodiversity

Wildlife Extra magazine - general conservation issues

Why conservation of biodiversity is important

Introduction to conservation of biodiversity Medicinal plants Rainforest products Bullfrogs and MRSA Squid nerve function research Seakale Wildlife farming Biomimetics/bionics Biomimetics/bionics Biomimetics/bionics Shark skin riblets New species

How humans threaten biodiversity

Zoological Society of London - field Conservation World Conservation Union - IUCN Redlists of endangered species UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Centre WWF threatened species

Introduced species

Puffins Terrapins Controlling introduced species List of introduced species Gopher tortoise Hawaii honeycreepers
WWF Belfast zoo Illegal tropical timber trade Nile Perch

Conservation methods

Legal protection and sustainable management

CITES Forest Stewardship Council IWC

Captive Breeding and Release

Good general info + species case studies World Association of Zoos and Aquaria International Species Information System (zoo species) Arabian Oryx CB&R Cryopreservation & embryo transfer - Cincinatti Zoo Sandiego Zoo -Frozen Zoo Frozen Zoo Frozen Ark Reintroductions into Poland: lynx, beaver, bison etc Seedbanks Kew Lady’s Slipper Orchid Fauna & flora International Species Ecosystems

Habitat creation

Artificial reefs Artificial reefs

Conservation of Biodiversity in the UK

Interactive map of UK conservation

Conservation in the UK

General conservation in the UK - many links

Governmental organisations

Natural England Natural Resources Wales DEFRA

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)

National Trust RSPB Woodland Trust Wildlife Trusts Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust Forestry Commission

UK Designated Areas and Legislation

UK designated areas UK designated areas SSSI SSSIs by area SSSIs by area SPAs in the UK SACs Ramsar Sites Ramsar Sites Marine Protected Areas Local Nature Reserves Country Parks Environmental Stewardship Scheme/ESS Wildlife & Countryside Act Wildlife & Countryside Act

UK Habitats and Species

Protected species in woodlands UK habitats


Forest Stewardship Council National Forest Community Forests

Marine Conservation

Marine Conservation Society Which fish to eat Fisheries research – Cefas Argo floats Overfishing

Conservation abroad

Biomes Tropical Rainforest Tropical Rainforest Tropical Rainforest Korup National Park, Cameroon Nature Conservancy (US conservation charity) WorldLandTrust - rainforest conservation

Coral reefs

Coral reefs Coral reefs Coral reefs Coral reefs Great Barrier Reef

Belize coral reef

Hol Chan Marine Reserve Video


Antarctic Treaty British Antarctic Survey British Antarctic Survey Antarctic krill

Conservation in selected countries

Kenya Australia Australia India New Zealand Canada South Africa

Life processes in the biosphere

Taxonomy and classification