What we offer for schools.

Your students may wish to pay for their individual memberships themselves, so only they can access the resources using their personal log-in details.

Alternatively, or in addition, you may wish to have a group log-in that you can use with groups of students or whole classes.

You can buy as many memberships as you wish which you can use with your students in class or they can use them at home.

Each password can be used by one student at a time, so you can buy the number of memberships you need, depending on whether you want to provide access for groups of students or for entire classes. When one group or class has logged off, others can log on using the same passwords.

If your students use the passwords at home you may need to have a rota, because if a student is already logged in with a password and another student logs in with the same password then the first one will be switched off.

Order group log-ins

When we receive your on-line order form we will email you:

  • Group log-in passwords
  • An invoice, so you can pay by bank transfer or post a cheque