What we offer

You can become a member as a student or as a teacher. Please click here for information on bulk purchasing licences for schools.

The membership ‘year’ is up to 15 months long. It starts at the end of May (so you can prepare for the next academic year) and runs until the end of July in the following year.

Membership gives you full access to all resources for your type of membership.

For Schools and Colleges

For Students

Our student subscription gives you access to online learning resources that will help you understand key principles, learn the most important facts, become familiar with the technical terminology and check your progress.

Some resources can be downloaded, while others are accessed online by logging in to this site.

The resources include the following:

Annotated slideshows

These slideshows cover topics throughout the subject. The slides lead you through each topic, with illustrated examples to support key principles.

Content lists and links in the slideshows allows you to view selected topics, just the topic summaries or to see the entire slideshow.

Q&A summary slideshows

Q&A summary slideshows allow you to check your understanding of key principles. The questions are not examination-style questions, but they help you focus on important issues. The answers also extend your knowledge.

Mindmap grids

The mindmap grids will help you coordinate your knowledge and produce revision notes that will help with exam preparation.

Glossary grids

The glossary grids identify the most important subject terminology you need to be familiar with. They will become a valuable revision tool - print them off, cover the definitions - can you remember them? Definitions you are confident with can be deleted, thereby reducing the amount of information you revise next time.

News items

News items are reguarly added to keep you update on current events.

Website links

Finding good websites can be difficult. The lists of suggested links will provide a good start. New websites will be added regularly and highlighted as news items.

Email updates

You will receive email updates (if you sign up) to tell you about new environmental news items and when new learning materials become available.

All for £10 per year

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Please click here for information on bulk purchasing licences for schools.

For Teachers

Our teacher's subscription provides you with resources for classroom teaching, guiding students' private study and monitoring student progress. Each topic comes with presentations, detailed notes and full access to the accompanying student's resources.

Some resources can be downloaded whilst others are available by logging in to the site.

Teacher's slideshows

Slideshows for class teaching cover a wide range of topics. They do not include unnecessary text, but accompanying teacher's notes outline how each slide can be used. A slideshow plan shows how each slideshow is structured.

Slideshow plans

The plan shows the structure of each slideshow: how the topic is sub-divided and how many slides are in each section. This will make it easier for you to plan lessons and navigate around the slideshows.

Slideshow notes

The annotations that students can see on their version of the slideshow have been removed. This gives you the freedom to say as much or as little as you want about each slide. The slideshow notes give you details of the slides and what you can say about them.

Class tests

The class test slideshow for each topic allows you to check that students have grasped the key principles. They are not examination-style questions, but they focus on key issues and can be used to stimulate class discussion.

You can use the test in two ways:

  1. Go through each question and answer in turn, giving the students a few seconds to consider their answers, individually or in groups.
  2. Ask all the questions first, then go through each answer in turn.

Website links

Website links help you to direct your students to good background and extension reading. They will also help your lesson planning.


You students have access to a glossary which includes technical terms but not definitions. You can check their private study through completion of the glossary. The teacher's glossaries have definitions included.

Email updates

You will receive email updates to tell you when new teaching materials become available.

Students resources

You also have access to all the student resources.

Other resources

A range of additional resources will be added over the coming weeks, including class activities, diagrams, worksheets and homework tasks.

All for £25 per year

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